Documents in SOAP


OpenOTP API Description The OpenOTP authentication service is implemented over the SOAP/XML and RADIUS APIs. The SOAP/XML API is provided with a SOAP WSDL service description listed below. The OpenOTP API is very simple and provides 4 methods: 1. openotpNormalLogin and openotpSimpleLogin These methods are used to send an authentication request. The request contains the following attributes: username: User login name (mandatory). domain: User login domain (optional if OpenOTP as a default domain setting set).


OpenSSO SOAP API Description Usage OpenSSO provides a very simple API to enable OpenOTP single sign-on across several web application. The API allows setting, removing and checking SSO sessions. The SSO session IDs should be given to the end users in Web browsers’ cookies. A typical usage of OpenSSO is: User authenticates on Server1: The web application on Server1 performs the following SOAP calls to the WebADM server. SOAP Calls Response 1.


SMSHub API Description OpenOTP SMSOTP is only possible via Clickatell online SMS SOAP service and via RCDevs SMSHub which is a WebADM service application just like OpenOTP. SMSHub proposes much more options than the OpenOTP basic SMS functionalities but if you use the Clickatell service only, then you do not need it. SMSHub does not send SMS directly and will use Clickatell or another online SMS service. But with SMSHub you can: