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Test Double Authentication with a User

1. User Activation

Once WebADM is installed and configured, we can connect to it with a web browser.

We select the user to activate in the LDAP tree on the left, for example, Admin, or we create a new user by clicking on Create. Once the user is selected, we click on Activate Now!:

If present, we fill mandatory attributes and Proceed:

We click on Extend Object:

Now, the user is activated. We can register a new token. We click on MFA Authentication Server:

2. OTP Soft Token Enrollment

We click on Register / Unregister OTP Tokens:

For the test, we select I use a QRCODE-based Authenticator. We need a software token app on our smartphone. We can find here, a list of compatible software tokens. Once installed we scan the QR Code with the app and click on Register:

We click on OK:

We check that the new token is registered:

Now, we can try an authentication, we click on MFA Authentication Server:

3. Authentication Test

We scroll down and click on Test User Login:

We insert the LDAP password and the OTP, and we click on OK:

We are authenticated!

4. Logs

Now we can check the log, we click on Databases tab:

We click on WebADM Server log Files. It corresponds to the /opt/webadm/log/webadm.log file:

Each authentication is identified by an ID. Here, it is T3DSOZ9A.

[2017-07-21 07:29:24] [] [OpenOTP:T3DSOZ9A] New openotpNormalLogin SOAP request
[2017-07-21 07:29:24] [] [OpenOTP:T3DSOZ9A] > Username: admin
[2017-07-21 07:29:24] [] [OpenOTP:T3DSOZ9A] > Domain: Default
[2017-07-21 07:29:24] [] [OpenOTP:T3DSOZ9A] > LDAP Password: xxxxxxxx
[2017-07-21 07:29:24] [] [OpenOTP:T3DSOZ9A] > OTP Password: xxxxxx
[2017-07-21 07:29:24] [] [OpenOTP:T3DSOZ9A] > Client ID: OpenOTP
[2017-07-21 07:29:24] [] [OpenOTP:T3DSOZ9A] > Source IP:
[2017-07-21 07:29:24] [] [OpenOTP:T3DSOZ9A] > Context ID: d10243968f7e608fe4743d8a43747123
[2017-07-21 07:29:24] [] [OpenOTP:T3DSOZ9A] Registered openotpNormalLogin request
[2017-07-21 07:29:24] [] [OpenOTP:T3DSOZ9A] Resolved LDAP user: cn=admin,o=Root
[2017-07-21 07:29:24] [] [OpenOTP:T3DSOZ9A] Started transaction lock for user
[2017-07-21 07:29:24] [] [OpenOTP:T3DSOZ9A] Found 37 user settings: LoginMode=LDAPOTP,OTPType=TOKEN,OTPLength=6,ChallengeMode=Yes,ChallengeTimeout=90,EnableLogin=Yes,AppKeyLength=20,HOTPLookAheadWindow=25,TOTPTimeStep=30,TOTPTimeOffsetWindow=120,MOTPTimeOffsetWindow=120,OCRASuite=OCRA-1:HOTP-SHA1-6:QN06-T1M,SMSType=Normal,SMSMode=Ondemand,MailMode=Ondemand,LastOTPTime=300,ListChallengeMode=ShowID
[2017-07-21 07:29:24] [] [OpenOTP:T3DSOZ9A] Found 3 user data: TokenType,TokenKey,TokenState
[2017-07-21 07:29:24] [] [OpenOTP:T3DSOZ9A] Found 1 registered OTP token (TOTP)
[2017-07-21 07:29:24] [] [OpenOTP:T3DSOZ9A] Requested login factors: LDAP & OTP
[2017-07-21 07:29:24] [] [OpenOTP:T3DSOZ9A] LDAP password Ok
[2017-07-21 07:29:24] [] [OpenOTP:T3DSOZ9A] TOTP password Ok (token #1)
[2017-07-21 07:29:24] [] [OpenOTP:T3DSOZ9A] Updated user data
[2017-07-21 07:29:24] [] [OpenOTP:T3DSOZ9A] Sent success response