Plivo SMS Gateway & WebADM
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1. Set up an Account on Plivo

  • Sign up for an account.

  • Add the credit to the account (however, you should get some initial free credit when signing up).

  • From the Dashboard go to API Platform and copy the AuthID and the AuthToken.

2. Configure WebADM:

  • Login to WebADM.

  • Go to Applications —> MFA Authentication Server.

    • Configure the section SMS OTP.
  • SMS Message Type ==> Normal (We advise testing using Normal first).

  • Apply changes.

  • Go to Applications —> SMS Relay.

    • Register the SMS Hub Server application (if you haven’t already).

    • Click on CONFIGURE.

  • Set up the SMS Gateway 1 section with the details from Plivo - instructions are embedded in the page.
  • Apply changes.

3. Activate SMS Login on Group of Users:

  • Select the AD/LDAP group.

  • If the group is not activated (to openotp), choose Activate now.

  • In the Object Details box, choose to CONFIGURE on WebADM Settings.

  • Choose OpenOTP Settings and set.

OTP Type ==> SMS

4. Configure User (if needed)

  • The user needs a mobile number, which can be added (if not already existing) as an attribute.

  • The user needs an OpenOTP authentication setup which uses SMS - (in WebADM settings for the user, under OpenOTP configuration).

5. Test

  • Test the configuration using a valid user with a mobile number and using the MFA Authentication service link in the user’s page :

6. Troubleshooting

  • BEWARE of the “Sandbox” numbers, check Plivo documentation website.

  • In case of problems with Plivo, head to the Logs -> Debug section in your dashboard to check what’s happening (and/or check the WebADM Logs).

  • If WebADM fails to send the SMS, you will be notified at the bottom of the page (typical WebADM notification pattern).