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Active Directory Synchronization Tool

1. Bundle Overview In that documentation, we are going to explain the Active Directory synchronization tool provided by RCDevs and its usage scope. SECURITY NOTE This script is designed to securely synchronize specific account information from Active Directory (AD) to the RCDevs Directory. Only hashed passwords are transferred, ensuring the actual plain-text passwords remain inaccessible. The account information to be synchronized can be adjusted via a dedicated configuration file. All data is transmitted securely using HTTPS to a specialized environment explicitly trusted by the Active Directory server.

API examples

1. Manager API The Manager interface provides access to some WebADM user management functions and operations exported by your registered applications. The Manager also allows external systems such as Web portals to remotely trigger user management operations and actions from the network. The user management functions provide LDAP operations such as object creation, update, removal, WebADM settings and data management, etc… The method names for internal management functions are in the form Manager_Method.