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OpenOTP Electronic Signatures and Secure Transactions Approval

1. Overview and Requirements RCDevs offer now an easy way to sign any documents at anytime to all third party signatories. OpenOTP signature is a solution which is deployed on premise or in the cloud. Integrate OpenOTP signature in your infrastructure will allow electronic signatures for your company users (LDAP users). If you want to extend your signature processes to external users (users not part of your LDAP directory/directories configured with your WebADM), you have to integrate OpenOTP with YumiSign platform which requires a YumiSign API Key configured in OpenOTP settings.

Electronic Signature from Windows

1. Overview This documentation describes the installation and usage of the OpenOTP Signature plugin for Windows OS. To install and use that signature plugin, you need to have WebADM & OpenOTP server(s) deployed, OpenOTP Token mobile application, Push mecanisisms implemented, a push token registered on the user account through OpenOTP mobile application, a license which allow you the usage of signature feature of OpenOTP and signature credits. The prerequisites for the Windows machines are :

MFA and electronic Signature for Nextcloud

1. Overview First, you must have a WebADM/OpenOTP server installed and configured. Please refer to the installation documentation for instructions on this. You must have a valid license for OpenOTP and the Secure Transaction Approval feature. For an online approval transaction, you need to configure a Push login infrastructure. Refer to push documentation for more details. Need to download the following Plugins: OpenOTP Authentication Plugin for Nextcloud OpenOTP Signature Plugin for Nextcloud 1.