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Authentication with a Nitrokey / PIV In this How-To we will configure a user in WebADM for using a PIV key. We need a WebADM server already configured. 1. Import the Inventory We need to create an inventory file like this: "Type","Reference","Description","DN","Data","Status" "PIV Device","<ID1>","PIV Nitrokey","","PublicKey=<pub_key1>","Valid" "PIV Device","<ID2>","PIV Nitrokey","","PublicKey=<pub_key2>","Valid" "PIV Device","<ID3>","PIV Nitrokey","","PublicKey=<pub_key3>","Valid" For my test, I have a Nitrokey Start with a PIV certificate and I use gpg2 --card-edit for the management of the Nitrokey.