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Migration Guide

1. Overview This document is a migration guide for RCDevs products between two servers. The installation is not covered by this guide. 2. Requirements You need root access to the old server and the new server. Products you want to migrate should be installed on the new server. 3. RCDevs Products This section covers these products: WebADM (webadm) Radius Bridge (radiusd) LDAP Bridge (ldproxy) Directory Server (slapd) Publishing Proxy (waproxy) HSMHub Server (hsmhubd) You need to use only the command lines for products installed on your server.

Migrate from a third party 2FA software to OpenOTP

1. Overview In this how-to, we will demonstrate how to easily migrate from a third party 2FA software to OpenOTP. In this documentation, we assume that you are already running WebADM, OpenOTP and Radius Bridge. To understand what will be done here, we will describe the steps: Have a WebADM, OpenOTP and Radius Bridge installed and configured, Activate every user who will require 2FA authentication at the WebADM level, Import your third-party hardware Tokens into WebADM.