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Nitrokey - PIV

Authentication with a Nitrokey / PIV In this How-To we will configure a user in WebADM for using a PIV key. We need a WebADM server already configured. 1. Import the Inventory We need to create an inventory file like this: "Type","Reference","Description","DN","Data","Status" "PIV Device","<ID1>","PIV Nitrokey","","PublicKey=<pub_key1>","Valid" "PIV Device","<ID2>","PIV Nitrokey","","PublicKey=<pub_key2>","Valid" "PIV Device","<ID3>","PIV Nitrokey","","PublicKey=<pub_key3>","Valid" For my test, I have a Nitrokey Start with a PIV certificate and I use gpg2 --card-edit for the management of the Nitrokey.

Hardware Token Import

Inventory For The Hardware Tokens For each purchase of hardware tokens from RCDevs, RCDevs provide an Inventory file encrypted that contains the tokens seeds. Only your server can decrypt this file: it works with the license. The Inventory for the hardware tokens in WebADM/OpenOTP allows: to review the token stock to register a token very easily with the serial number only for the RC200, RC300 & RC400 hardware tokens pressing a Yubikey to save time when importing a large number of tokens.