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Plivo SMS Gateway & WebADM

1. Set up an Account on Plivo Sign up for an account. Add the credit to the account (however, you should get some initial free credit when signing up). From the Dashboard go to API Platform and copy the AuthID and the AuthToken. 2. Configure WebADM: Login to WebADM. Go to Applications —> MFA Authentication Server. Configure the section SMS OTP. SMS Message Type ==> Normal (We advise testing using Normal first).


SMSHub API Description OpenOTP SMSOTP is only possible via Clickatell online SMS SOAP service and via RCDevs SMSHub which is a WebADM service application just like OpenOTP. SMSHub proposes much more options than the OpenOTP basic SMS functionalities but if you use the Clickatell service only, then you do not need it. SMSHub does not send SMS directly and will use Clickatell or another online SMS service. But with SMSHub you can: