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Servers Sizing

1. Introduction In this how-to, we will present you how to size your servers according to the number of users in your organization that will use OpenOTP. 2. With an external directory (AD, Novell…) 2.1 Recommendations for 500 Users 1 dedicated server or Virtual machine with Linux (2 for High Availability). Server configuration: 1.5GHz processor (4 cores). 4GB RAM memory. 30GB disk space for installation files, log files and DB. Optionally 2 HSMs for hardware crypto.

LDAP Schema Extensions

1. Overview This HowTo presents the schema extensions needed by WebADM with most of LDAP directories. Only Active Directory can work with WebADM without schema extensions. WebADM stores most of its related metadata into the LDAP directory on users accounts and into a specific container/OU. 2. Content of the Schema Extension The schema extension is very minimal. It is composed of three object classes (webadmAccount, webadmGroup and webadmConfig) and three attributes (webadmSettings, webadmData, webadmType and webadmVoice).

TCP and UDP Ports used by RCDevs solutions

1. Overview This documentation demonstrates ports and protocols used by RCDevs products between different components. 2. Communication Ports used by RCDevs Products 3. WebADM Cluster Ports At RCDevs Hardening Guide - 5.5 HA Cluster Firewall Rules is an example of the iptables firewall rules for a high availability cluster with 4 nodes. 4. Incoming and Outgoing Traffic per Product Product Incoming Outgoing WebADM primary node & Web Services SSH TCP 22,