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VPN Integration with RCDevs cloud solutions

1. Overview In this documentation, we will focus on configuring your On-Premise VPN server with the OpenOTP Cloud solution (either Mutualized Cloud or Dedicated Cloud). Typically, VPN integration involves using the Radius, LDAP or SAML/OpenID with some VPN solutions. For SSL VPNs working with SAML or OpenID, that documentation is not explaining how to configure your VPN with SAML/OpenID. Please, refer to OpenID/SAML documentation. However, it’s important to note that the Radius protocol was not specifically designed for transport over the internet.

Microsoft Network Policy Server

1. Overview In that documentation, we will explain how to configure OpenOTP multi-factor authentication on your Microsoft Network Policy Server. As a practical example, we will configure NPS with Microsoft Remote Access Server for VPN use. For this recipe, you will need to have a WebADM, OpenOTP and Radius Bridge installed and configured. Please refer to WebADM Installation Guide, WebADM Manual and Radius Bridge Manual for instructions on these. Your Microsoft Network Policy Server and Remote Access Server should be installed and configured for VPN (PPTP, SSTP) use.