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1. Overview This documentation will explain policies configurable for Web Services and Web Applications under WebADM admin GUI. WebADM provides different kinds of policies : default application configuration (weight 1), per-group (weight 2), per-user (weight 3), per-application (weight 4-6). Settings with the highest weight override settings with the lowest weight. (e.g for OpenOTP: My default OpenOTP settings require a LoginMode=LDAP only but the user who is trying to log in has a policy configured on his account with the LoginMode=LDAP+OTP.

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How To Enable OpenOTP Authentication in Palo Alto SSL VPN This document explains how to enable OpenOTP authentication in Palo Alto SSL VPN. 1. Register your Palo Alto VPN in RadiusBridge On your OpenOTP RadiusBridge server, edit the /opt/radiusd/conf/clients.conf and add a RADIUS client (with IP address and RADIUS secret) for your Palo Alto VPN server. Example: client <VPN Server IP> { secret = testing123 shortname = PaloAlto-VPN } 2. On Palo Alto Admin Interface, Setup a RADIUS Server Profile Enter the Palo Alto administration interface.