Documents in Nextcloud

OpenOTP Authentication for Nextcloud

1. Overview OpenOTP MFA plugin for Nextcloud enables multi-factor authentication on Admin and User portals of Nextcloud. Users’ credentials can be validated: Locally by Nextcloud (Nextcloud local accounts), Through an LDAP service (LDAP accounts) Once the first step of the authentication is successfully validated, the authentication workflow continues through the OpenOTP Plugin for Nextcloud and OpenOTP server(s). The plugin will submit an authentication request to OpenOTP server(s) with the provided credentials during the first step (username).

OpenOTP Electronic Signature for Nextcloud

1. Overview OpenOTP Signature Plugin for Nextcloud allows authenticated users to self-sign a document or submit a document for Signature to Nextcloud users. It enables Electronic Signature with your Mobile with the OpenOTP Server which validates your identity and generates secure communication flow with all third parties involved in the signature process. All signature types (Standard, Advanced and Seal) are supported with that plugin. In order to use that plugin, you MUST HAVE OpenOTP Security Suite running in your infrastructure (on-premise or in the cloud).

RCDevs Identity Provider and integrations

1. Overview This document will present you how to use WebADM as Identity Provider (IDP) with different Service Provider (SP) which will consume OpenOTP for authentication processes. We will also see how we can configure and return different information per service provider through users/groups and client policies. The installation of OpenID/SAML IdP is straightforward and only consists of running the self-installer or install the openid package from RCDevs repositories and configure the application in WebADM.