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MFA and electronic Signature for Nextcloud

1. Overview First, you must have a WebADM/OpenOTP server installed and configured. Please refer to the installation documentation for instructions on this. You must have a valid license for OpenOTP and the Secure Transaction Approval feature. For an online approval transaction, you need to configure a Push login infrastructure. Refer to push documentation for more details. Need to download the following Plugins: OpenOTP Authentication Plugin for Nextcloud OpenOTP Signature Plugin for Nextcloud 1.

RCDevs Identity Provider and integrations

1. Overview This document will present you how to use WebADM as Identity Provider (IDP) with different Service Provider (SP) which will consume OpenOTP for authentication processes. We will also see how we can configure and return different information per service provider through users/groups and client policies. The installation of OpenID/SAML IdP is straightforward and only consists of running the self-installer and configure the application in WebADM. You do not have to modify any files in the OpenID install directory!