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WebADM Installation Guide (Standalone and High Availability setup)

1. Product Documentation This document is an installation guide for WebADM Server in standalone and high availability mode. WebADM server is the main component to install and deploy OpenOTP in your environment. WebADM usage manual is not covered by this guide and is documented in the RCDevs WebADM Administrator Guide. 2. Product Overview WebADM is a powerful Web-based LDAP administration software designed for professionals to manage LDAP Organization resources such as Domain Users and Groups.

Add RCDevs Repository

1. Available repositories There are three different repositories: stable: which is dedicated to Enterprise and contains packages which are tested and considered as stable. base: which contains released packages with new features not directly consider as stable. After a period of time without issue feedback from customer/free users, they will be release in the stable repository. test: which contains unstable packages including big changes and/or new features 2. Add RCDevs Repository on CentOS/RHEL On a RedHat, CentOS or Fedora system, you can use our repository, which simplifies updates.

OpenOTP Servers Sizing according to the Number of Users

1. Introduction In this how-to, we will present you how to size your servers according to the number of users in your organization that will use OpenOTP. 2. With an external directory (AD, Novell…) 2.1 Recommendations for 500 Users 1 dedicated server or Virtual machine with Linux (2 for High Availability). Server configuration: 1.5GHz processor (4 cores). 4GB RAM memory. 15GB disk space for installation files, log files and DB.

MFAVPN Virtual Appliance

RCDevs MFAVPN Virtual Appliance Startup Guide The RCDevs MFAVPN VMware Appliance is a minimal CentOS 8 (64Bit) Linux installation with the RCDevs software packages already installed with yum. The appliance is meant for rapid deployment of VPN solution with Multifactor authentication. In longer term production deployments, we strongly recommend separating the MFAVPN component to a dedicated server for improved security. This can be done without downtime after initial deployment is done using the all in one appliance.

Virtual Appliance

RCDevs Virtual Appliance Startup Guide The RCDevs VMware Appliance is a standard and minimal CentOS 8 (64Bit) Linux installation with the RCDevs software packages already installed with yum. The Appliance contains the following (already configured) components: WebADM Server (installed in /opt/webadm/). WebADM Web Services: OpenOTP, SMSHub, OpenSSO, SpanKey, TiQR (installed in /opt/webadm/websrvs/). WebADM WebApps: SelfDesk, SelfReg, PwReset, OpenID (installed in /opt/webadm/webapps/). OpenOTP Radius Bridge (installed in /opt/radiusd/). RCDevs Directory Server (OpenLDAP in /opt/slapd/).

LDAP Schema Extension

LDAP Schema Extension 1. Content of the Schema Extension The schema extension is very minimal. It is composed of three object classes (webadmAccount, webadmGroup and webadmConfig) and three attributes (webadmSettings, webadmData and webadmType). Each attribute contains a registered object identifier. 34617 corresponds to the registered number for RCDevs at IANA. 2. Automatic Schema Extension This option is preferred and is very easy. It works with most of LDAP servers. 2.1 Active Directory Prerequisite The first domain controller defined in /opt/webadm/conf/servers.

What's Wrong??

1. Overview In this document, we describe how to easily fix some common errors with WebADM, OpenOTP, Web Applications, Radius Bridge, Push login, License services, LDAP permissions etc. 2. WebADM/OpenOTP common issues The first thing to do when a login failed for an unknown reason is to check the log file /opt/webadm/log/webadm.log and find the right log. In addition to the terminal session, you can find the log also in WebADM > Databases > WebADM Server Log files.

Communication ports used by RCDevs products

Overview This documentation demonstrates ports and protocols used by RCDevs products between different components. 1. Communication Ports used by RCDevs Products 1.1 WebADM prior to version 2 1.2 WebADM from version 2 2. WebADM Cluster Ports At RCDevs Hardening Guide - 5.5 HA Cluster Firewall Rules is an example of the iptables firewall rules for a high availability cluster with 4 nodes. 3. Incoming and Outgoing Traffic per Product Product Incoming Outgoing WebADM Master (PKI role) & Web Services SSH TCP 22,

How to migrate from a third party 2FA software to OpenOTP

1. Overview In this how-to, we will demonstrate how to easily migrate from a third party 2FA software to OpenOTP. In this documentation, we assume that you are already running WebADM, OpenOTP and Radius Bridge. To understand what will be done here, we will describe the steps: Have a WebADM, OpenOTP and Radius Bridge installed and configured, Activate every users who will require 2FA authentication at the WebADM level, Import your third-party hardware Tokens into WebADM.